Duncan Cran School District 60 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Duncan Cran School District 60 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

“Duncan Cran Community C.A.R.E.S”

Our Vision and Mission Statement:


Duncan Cran School is a safe, positive, respectful learning environment.


Duncan Cran C.A.R.E.S. Students and staff are:

Confident Academically successful Respectful and Responsible Emotionally Aware

We invite parents to help us fulfill this mission and to be part of the educational process. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please call the school and set up an appointment with the principal, classroom teacher, or other support staff.


Duncan Cran Elementary is a Kindergarten to grade 6 school with approximately 305 students. We have a Strong Start, daily pre-school program and a before and after school Daycare which are an integral part of our school. Our student population has grown over the past few years because there has been a lot of new development around our school. We have a community garden and each of the classes in our school learns about food security and how to grow and harvest their own food. We are in the process of building a “maker space room” to encourage our students to use applied skills and designs to engage, create and learn.

At Duncan Cran we value our community and teach our children the importance of a diverse community. We are made up of individuals with unique skills and abilities and together we form our community. We are a PBS school focusing on developing Positive Behaviour. Our school focus is to develop the social, emotional, and academic potential for our students. A goal of our school is to make connections and form emotional attachments to develop a strong sense of community. When the staff and parents work as a team for their child’s betterment then the student flourishes and grows. You will see that Social Responsibility is our first human and social goal and as a staff we dedicate time weekly to develop meaningful relationships with our students, teach positive social interactions, and help students become interdependent and supportive of each other. We believe that if students feel that they are part of a community, they will also improve their self-image and this will also be reflected in improved academic performance.

To support our students, we have a 0.8 Learning Assistance teacher, 18 teachers, a .5 librarian and two Reading Intervention Teachers. We have a strong School Based Team that meets weekly to discuss the needs of our school. We have approximately sixteen educational assistants whom work with ministry-designated students to facilitate their development. We also have a part time school counselor whom works with a variety of students on an ongoing basis to support their emotional needs. Twenty-five percent of the school’s population is Aboriginal students. An Aboriginal Support Worker works with these students and their families to provide academic, emotional, and cultural support. She does cultural activities with our school community to help develop an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal culture for all of our students.

The staff supports the goals of the school through professional development activities and by working collaboratively to meet the students’ needs. We take the approach that in order to maximize student learning we are all responsible for all of the students. Therefore, we develop school wide programs to provide a continuous sequence and framework for students. This allows students to develop and build their skills throughout their career at Duncan Cran School.

Our teachers have worked hard to implement practices that will help our students experience ongoing success. The Wireless Writing Project (WWP) has enabled our grade 5 and 6 students to use IPads and laptops to expand their learning and has helped our intermediate students become better writers. We have received a grant to implement coding in a grade 4/5 classroom. We are working on building a maker room where students can use applied design skills to be creative. All students are learning how to be environmental stewards and we have a community garden teaching our community about food security. We are currently working on becoming an Earth School in the Green School Program.

We have Parent Advisory Council that offers events to bridge the gap between the home and school. They meet monthly to discuss school programs and ways to support the children in the school. This group of parents is very supportive of the school and offers valuable insight to the teachers and administrators. Our Executive members from our PAC join us on our School Planning Day, and at the beginning of every staff meeting, which ensures that there is a parent voice in our school and Framework for Enhanced Student Learning.

Our staff and parents are committed to our learning community and we strive to work together to improve the learning of our students. Our learning framework allows our school to enhance student learning and potentials.


 Goal 1: Social Responsibility

 Through adult collaboration, modeling, and communication, teachers will teach students to interact with people in a positive manner to ensure students and staff feel safe at school. Students will demonstrate their learning by their interactions with others throughout the school.

Rationale: Our culturally diverse school community will foster a sense of positive identity, understanding that every person is unique, capable, and has potential. Students, staff and our community will support each other in reaching their potential and developing internal awareness and awareness of others. As a community we will advocate for each other. Students need to be self-aware. As global citizens students see themselves as an integral member of the school community, and appreciate the strengths and potential of others.


Establish school wide behavioural expectations through teaching and learning positive behaviour throughout the school. Each class will participate in Zones of Regulation and Incredible Flexible You.


Establish a safe and caring learning environment for all Duncan Cran school community, and appreciating the strengths and potential of others.


Contribute to a positive classroom and school community recognizing our unity through diversity and inclusion.


Learn to solve problems in peaceful ways (Ministry Social Responsibility Performance Standards Category).


  • Zones of Regulation Program
  • School Based Team (SBT) – Weekly collaboration and team meetings regarding at risk students and students with special needs.
  • Incredible Flexible You.
  • Golden bucket for keeping classroom clean
  • Gotchas: when a child exemplifies the monthly virtue a teacher gives them a gotcha and they can exchange the gotcha for a book. Occurs at each assembly.
  • Monthly themes on various Virtues. Students learn about the virtues and practice them
  • Buddy classroom partners
  • Peer mentoring / modeling
  • Recycling program
  • School Virtue posters – class/hall/gym
  • Virtues: teaching of virtues
  • Community – Pitch In cleanup of our neighbourhood
  • Teachings from Shelley Moore: looking at the book One Without the Other
  • Fill a bucket in some rooms: doing positive things for other
  • Community Garden: teaching about Food Security
  • Green School Program: Working on Earth School Status.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Learning about caring for our environment.
  • Energy Diet – 3 years Top School in Canada winners. Learning how to be literate in Energy and Social Responsibility
  • Destination Conservation – 5 year program on Energy Conservation
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Children Helping Children is our philosophy, and DC students have donated to the following organizations over the past number of years – Sponsor a child in Zambia each year and continuing, Christmas Hamper, SPCA, World Wildlife Fund, Alberta Children’s Neurosurgery Hospital, Autism Canada, Feed the Children Canada, Make a Wish Foundation, Ronald MacDonald House BC, BC Cancer Agency, Cystic Fibrosis, Terry Fox Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation. We have donated over 20 000 in the past five years.


 GOAL 2: Literacy

 To improve students’ academic progress in the area of Literacy.

 Rational: Students, parents and educators will work together to foster a community of learners that are engaged in a wide range of language activities to improve reading, writing and speaking. Student engagement will increase by setting clear learning intentions which are communicated with students and families regularly using a variety of media especially technology based. Engagement will begin with individual interests and expand to community and cultural relevance. We include parents as partners and provide ways that parents can support their child’s learning. Focus 2 involves students setting goals, speeches and sharing with parents, as well as other opportunities for expression.


To increase student engagement in Literacy.


To improve students expressive language ability.


  • Collaboration with Literacy Itinerant
  • CR4YR
  • Guided Reading
  • Circles
  • Tumble Books
  • Primary-multi sensory approved
  • Animated alphabet/ jolly phonics
  • Recovery / R. Intervention
  • Buddy Reading
  • G-traits
  • Young Readers Program
  • WWP
  • QCA/ Cold writes
  • Lots of eyes on text
  • Read around the room
  • Home Reading – Pizza
  • Freedom Book Reports
  • Novel Studies
  • Show learning in creative ways – multiple choices
  • New Writing Programs
  • Traits of Writing/ Writing without Tears/
  • Teaching writing in kind
  • Buddy Boxes
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Animated literacy
  • Word Games
  • Accessing District Support Staff
  • Home Reading
  • Higher book circulation with older students
    • Network of Performance Based Schools – focus on developing leadership skills through collaboration
    • Once we receive the Foundation Skills Assessment results, the Learning Assistance teacher does a further assessment and intervention for students who are at risk.
    • Super Sentence and Perfect Writing a Sentence, Book, Paragraph
    • Current Events – Social Studies, Science, L.A.
    • Animated Literacy, Words Their Way – Look for new and fresh ideas, making words, and making big words
    • Current Events
    • Super Sentences and Perfect Paragraphs


To improve the numerical confidence and understanding of Math Concepts for all students.

 Rationale: Students ability and understanding in Math will develop and foster life long opportunities.


To improve primary students understanding of foundational numeracy skills.


To support intermediate students ability to view and navigate their world with an abstract and concrete mathematical perspective.


  • Use of manipulatives
  • Collaboration
  • School District 60 District Numeracy Assessment.
  • Integration
  • Math itinerant Mentorship available
  • Math Games
  • Ten Frame Strategies
  • Math Makes Sense
  • New Curriculum support Documents
  • Trevor Caulkins resources
  • Math 44 Resources
  • Math Talks Resources
  • District Inservices
  • Coding
  • Developing a Maker Space where students can explore Applied Design Skills


Goal 4: Careers

 To teach students that strong communities are the result of being connected to family and community and working towards common goals


To offer students the opportunity to explore and develop personal interests, passions and competencies while making connections with learning opportunities and thinking of possible career and life path possibilities. Students discover that a career is a journey that involves lifelong planning and learning.

 Focus 1: To engage students in learning about the roles of members in the community.

Focus 2: To explore career possibilities.

 Goal 5: To improve Applied Skills Design and Technology.

For students to discover designs grow out of natural curiosity and skills can be developed through play.

 Rationale: Play and designing builds cognitive knowledge by offering countless opportunities for sustained attention, problem solving, symbolic representation, memory development, and hypothesis testing.

 Focus 1: To create a maker space allowing students to explore and build designs developing their creativity and curiosity.

Focus 2: To enhance student understanding of applied skills and technologies by school wide exploration activities.

System Wide Capacity Building within our School Community

Our school offers a number of team based supports to help enhance student learning and growth. Our team consists of the Principal, Vice Principal, Aboriginal support worker, Learning Assistant, Behaviour Support teacher, Reading Recovery/ Complex Classrooms Teacher, and Counselor. We have a school-based team (SBT) that meets weekly to discuss the needs of our school community. The SBT puts plans into action offering supports in terms of classroom profiles, emotional needs, academic needs, positive behavior supports, classroom managements, self-regulation and flexible schedules. Each teacher meets with the team to go over classroom profiles and what supports are needed and can be offered. As a school we are focusing on PBS (Positive Behaviour Supports). Our community looks at various virtues, positive behaviours, which are taught in the classroom and at school assemblies. Each month our school has a focus virtue that we teach and practice. Our school has committed to learn and practice Zones of Regulation. Zones of Regulation is a curriculum geared towards helping students gain skills to be consciously aware of their actions which in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities. We are also using a program called Incredible Flexible You, which teaches students about Social Skills. Our school strives to use common language and common teachings for our students in order to help build and develop appropriate skills. Our school has PBS days of focus, Zones of Regulation Days where all classes learn skills as well as Incredible Flexible You training. We are also as a staff focusing on Shelley Moore’s teachings about Diversity and Inclusion. The SBT attended the Shelley Moore workshop. Each staff member will receive Shelley’s book: One Without the Other: stories of unity through diversity and inclusion. As a staff we are focusing on UDL strategies.

Academically our school has been focusing on the BC New Curriculum. Information can be found: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca

We are focusing on alignment with the District and Ministry goals set out for academic success. We are focused on continued improvement and lifelong learning. As a school we meet for professional development around the District and Ministry guidelines. Our structures includes assessment for learning, inquiry based learning, using SMART goals, and we have been doing a lot of work around Universal Design for Learning to support inclusive planning for all students. Our school goals listed above are our keystones for collaboration. There are many collaboration opportunities for our staff. Staff is given the opportunity to have time for collaboration to meet to discuss and work towards our goals together, we make use of professional development offered by the district, as well as District Itinerants.


Duncan Cran Framework for Enhancing Learning will be communicated to parents in a number of ways. We have this document to share and parents can have a hard copy as requested, it will also be placed on our school website and school Facebook page. We have a bulletin board in our school, in which a display will be made for presenting this plan. The PAC will have a copy of the plan and time to talk about it at the PAC meeting.

This school year we had a photo contest for our community based around the success of our school and what the community notices and appreciates. Pictures will be posted on our school bulletin board as well.

Parents are offered the opportunity to attend our planning day professional development days.

At Duncan Cran we work hard to involve our parents and welcome them into our school. We believe that the community of our school extends out into our city community and strive towards sharing what we are doing at our school with the broader community at large.


November Newsletter

November 1, 2016

 Remembrance Day Assembly:

There will be a Remembrance Day Assembly on Thursday, November 10th, in the gymnasium at 10:45am. Parents are welcome to attend.

Remembrance Day – Holiday

Just a reminder to parents that Friday, November 11th, is Remembrance Day and there is no school on that day.

Report Cards:

First term report cards will go home on Monday, November 21st.

Early Dismissal, Non-Instructional Day and Parent/Teacher Interviews:

Just a reminder to parents that Wednesday, November 23rd and Thursday, November 24th are Early Dismissal Days and students will be dismissed at 1:41pm. Friday, November 25th is a Non-Instructional Day and there is no school for students on the 25th. Both early dismissal days and the non-instructional day are for parent/teacher interviews. Please contact you child’s teacher to set up a parent/teacher interview time.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser:

Cookie Dough Fundraiser from November 1-16th. All orders are due on the 16th and NO lates will be accepted.  

Orders will be delivered the week of December 12-16th

Students have a chance to win some cash prizes.   The top 20 sellers will be put into a draw for one of three prizes ($100, $75, and $50).

Students Late for School:

Just a reminder that the morning warning bell is at 8:45 and classes begin promptly at 8:50am. It is important that students start their day ready to begin and are at school on time. Thanks for ensuring that your child gets to school on time! J

Photo Contest

This year’s photo contest winner of a family movie package is Jenna Wigglesworth. Congrats, Jenna!

 Winter Weather

Please make sure your child comes to school with all of the appropriate items for winter weather! Scarves, mittens, hats, winter coat, snow pants and boots!  The days are getting chilly and we want to make sure students are warm when they go outside for recess.  We send students outside if the temperature with the wind-chill is -18 degrees Celsius or warmer!

News From – Duncan Cran Parent ACCESS Community (PAC)

Thanks to all who signed up on our Volunteer listing at the Open House on September 22.

The winner of the $50.00 Gift Card donated it to the Duncan Cran Breakfast Program!!

Volunteering with morning Reading Program:  Adults can make a big difference in the school by listening to children read. Even if you have a few minutes per month, please contact Trista at: ttriska@prn.bc.ca for more information.

Upcoming Events List:  Please see back side of this newsletter for a list of upcoming events or follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/duncancranpac/). Volunteers are always welcome whether you can spare a little time or a lot!!


Our next PAC meeting is on Tuesday, November 15th at 6:30 PM in the library. Free babysitting is provided by a responsible Duncan Cran student.

Welcome to Duncan Cran – Events put on by PAC and how you can help!

Booster Juice- weekly

Students can purchase drinks from booster juice and we deliver them weekly to the classes

and also have a draw so random kids can get a free booster juice.

  • Deliver booster juice orders to students every week
  • Count booster juice orders (monthly)

Fall/Spring Sale – Proceeds go to NEW playground equipment

We hold a sale in our gym, the vendors sell children clothing and items. We have raffles, a

canteen, baked goodies, also a donation table.

  • Donate items for PAC table
  • Bake goodies
  • Canteen- sell chips, pop, candy and hotdogs, etc
  • Sit at tables; raffle table, sell tickets, sell baked goodies
  • Set up/ take down

Gift Basket (seasonal) – Raffle

Kids buy tickets for a gift basket. Filled with treats, toys, etc

  • Donate 1 or two items to the basket
  • Put basket together

Basketball Concession- March

Run the concession for Basketball tournament at the high school for two days. Sell water,

sport drinks, pizza, popcorn and candy.

  • Make candy bags
  • Buy supplies
  • Food safe people needed
  • Serve food, 2 – 3 people needed a shift.
  • Cashier

Sundae Funday- day before spring break

We give out ice cream and toppings to the students.

  • Scoop icecream
  • Hand out toppings
  • Buy ingredients

Teacher appreciation Lunch

We cook roasts and pot luck food for a teacher lunch. Also get gifts together.

  • Make food dishes
  • Make treats
  • Prep gifts

Parent BBQ- spring

This is for families to come out and enjoy the nice weather and spend time together with the

kids and other families.

  • Cook BBQ items
  • Pot luck food items
  • Set up tables
  • Clean up

Breakfast Program (put on by school)

Some students may not eat breakfast and that can make it hard to learn, so we try our best

to get them something to eat to start their day.

  • Donate food items
  • Make and serve food items






October Newsletter

October 3, 2016


This week is Fire Safety week, and the FSJ Fire Department will be putting on a special assembly next week. We will be having a special assembly on Thursday, October 13, at 1 pm and the fire department will discuss fire prevention and safety at the assembly.


We will be having a book fair in the library all week (October 4-12th). Students will have opportunities throughout the week to come to the library to see the book fair and purchase books! Parents can drop in as well. Please call the school for parent drop in times. Feel free to purchase a book for your child’s classroom teacher.

From the Parent ACCESS Community (formerly known as Parent Advisory Council)

The PAC got off to a great start this year with several new attendees at the first meeting on September 20th. We enjoyed sharing our new vision and focus at the Open House and thank all those that signed our Interest Sheets, letting us know how they are able to help in the school.  It’s never too late to get involved. Join us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/duncancranpac/), where we will be posting meeting minutes, agendas, and event notices. Or check the PAC notice board outside the office. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30 PM in the library. Free babysitting is provided by a responsible Duncan Cran student.

Parents will be doing Booster Juice orders again this year. Profits will be used for fun activities for your children and to contribute to materials, services, and activities that enhance your children’s learning. Booster Juice orders are due October 6th, with the first delivery on October 13th. Join us on Facebook if you are able to help counting up orders and delivering to classrooms.


Monday, October 10, 2016 is Thanksgiving and therefore there is no school for students that day.

 Professional Development Day

Friday, October 21st, 2016 is a district Professional Development Day and therefore there is NO SCHOOL for students that day.


On Monday, October 31st, is Halloween. After lunch there will be a Halloween parade in the gym for all grades at 1pm (parents are welcome join us, and dress up if you like!).  After the parade there will be two Halloween dances (one for the primary students (grades K-3), and then a dance for the intermediate students (grades 4-6). There will also be Halloween activities in the classrooms in the afternoon. Come out and join in the festivities!


September Newsletter 2016


The Duncan Cran staff is excited about the upcoming year, and we want to welcome both students and parents to the school!! If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your child’s teacher or call the school any time!!


We will be having an Open House on, Thursday, September 22nd. At 5:30-6:00pm, we will be celebrating the completion of our community garden outside! Then, from 6:00 -7:30pm, parents will be able to meet their new classroom teacher, so please come and meet your child’s teacher and celebrate the start of a new school year!


Just a friendly reminder that there is supervision from 8:30 – 9:00 in the morning and after school from 2:41pm – 3:00 pm. Therefore we are asking parents to ensure their children do not come to school before 8:30 in the morning and that if they are getting picked up to have them picked up by 2:41pm. There is a before school and after school day care program called Kids Club for those parents who have to work early or late. Please contact Corry at the Kidz Club at (250) 785-0380 for information on costs for the after school care.


The PAC plays an important role in our school and the first PAC meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 20nd at 6:30 pm in the library. Babysitting will be provided, please come out, enjoy some donuts and coffee, and help support our school!


Fees for students are as follows – Kindergarten- $30 ($20 supplies, $10 cultural), grades 1-5 – $10 (cultural events), grades 6 – $40 ($10 cultural, $30 I-Pad insurance –for the use of I-Pads). Please note, there will be a sports fee of $10 only for those students that play on teams and those fees will be collected during league season times. Please pay fees at the office ASAP, thanks.


This program is sponsored by the BC Ministries of Education, Health, Agriculture and Lands, Tourism, and Sport and the Arts. This program is not meant to replace recess snacks but rather to be used as a teaching tool for good nutrition. This program is offered all students at no charge. Permission forms will be sent home.


Individual student pictures will be taken on Monday, October 3rd, 2016. Proofs will be sent home for parents that are interested in purchasing packages.


Strong Start is now open. Monday to Friday from 8:30-11:30am. For more information, please call the office at (250) 787-0417 or see www.prn.bc.ca – District Directory – Early Learning.

 Professional Development Day

Friday, September 23rd, 2016 is a district Professional Development Day and therefore there is NO SCHOOL for students that day.


On Friday, September 30th, 2016 everyone will be encouraged to wear ORANGE to honour the children who have survived Residential school. Please help us honour this day by having your child wear an orange shirt to school that day, Thanks!


8:45 Warning Bell
8:50 Class Begins
10:30 Recess Begins
10:45 Recess Ends
12:05 Lunch Begins – All students go outside to play
12:25 All students eat lunch
12:45 Lunch Ends
12:50 Class begins
2:41 Dismissal
Total Min/ day 291


We strongly recommend that all students arrive on time. We had a significant number of students who were chronically late last year, sometimes arriving closer to lunchtime. When a student is absent or late, research indicates that they are less likely to adjust to the school, are less successful in their learning, experience stress or anxiety and find it harder to adjust to the social aspect of school. Students arriving on time have an easier transition to the classroom and are aware of the agenda for the day. Teachers start as soon as the bell rings. Students who arrive late miss out on optimal learning time. Arriving late also disrupts learning of the students and the teaching that has begun. Developing good habits in Elementary school, with consistent attendance and punctuality, goes a long way to establish healthy habits for life.


This year our Terry Fox Walk/Run will be held on Thursday, September 29th. The walk/run will occur in the afternoon at 2:10-2:41. Please come and join us if you are available. Duncan Cran School is accepting monetary donations for Terry Fox Cancer Foundation, and if the Duncan Cran school student body raises $1000 dollars, Mr. Ranger (School Principal) has agreed to do something as outrageous as he did last year when he dressed up as a Ballerina (with tutu and all) and did a ballet performance at the following week’s Monday assembly (October 5th, 2015).


Brent Ranger,                                     Christine Todd,

Principal                                            Vice Principal


Duncan Cran Elementary School

(250) 787-0417
























Important start up dates for Sept 2016

Important School Dates for September/October:
Monday August 29th: School Office will be open New Student Registration and Kindergarten Registration if you have not done so yet.
Tuesday September 6th: First day of school for grades 1-6. School done @ 10:50
September 6th-September 9th: Registered Kindergarten students and parents will have previously arranged introductory meeting with the K teacher.
Wednesday September 14th: First day of Kindergarten
Friday September 23rd: Non Instructional Day. No school for students.
Monday October 10th: Thanksgiving. School Closed.
Friday October 21st: Non-Instructional Day. No school for students.

New Community Garden at Duncan Cran

garden7Duncan Cran school community with the help of NEAT (Northern Environmental Action Team) and Urban Systems re building community garden beds in front of our school. Parents, students, staff, NEAT, and Urban Systems, came to our school last night (May5th) to build over 20 garden boxes. We will be growing food for our community. Students will learn the social and health benefits of growing produce locally. We wish to thank NEAT,  Urban Systems, and Pembina for their ongoing support!








May 2016 News Letter

May 4, 2016



On Wednesday May 4th, from 4-8 pm, Urban Systems will be coming to Duncan Cran along with NEAT (Northern Environment Action Team) to build our community garden in the front of the school. They have requested help from Parents and Staff. Please come to help us, no matter how small the time is that you are able to give. When we work together, we become a stronger community! We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Thanks parents that have paid school fees. Just a reminder that there are quite a few parents that have outstanding school fees. Please be advised that those outstanding fees will carry forward next year. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Friday, May 13TH is a Non-Instructional Day and Monday, May 16th is May Planning Day and there will be No School for students on those days.


Our school will be participating in the Jump Rope for Heart Event and will be skipping for ½ an hour on Thursday, May 12th. The event is to promote a healthy, active life style.


No School that day.


The school speech competition will be held on Tuesday, May 17th, starting at 9:00am. The district speech competition will be held on, Thursday, May 20th.


Our next PAC meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 24th at 7:30 pm in the school library. FREE babysitting is always provided by a responsible, fun Duncan Cran student. Even if you’ve never been before, please feel free to come out to a meeting at any time. Every parent is a welcome part of our PAC.


On Thursday, May 26th, our PAC will be hosting a FREE BBQ for Duncan Cran students and families. So please bring your family to Duncan Cran for free hotdogs and hamburgers from 6-8pm for some great food. The bouncy house and other activities will be happening as well! See you then.


The Welcome to Kindergarten™ is a unique parent engagement strategy that brings together parents, children, schools and community service agencies to achieve the goal of giving parents/caregivers the strategies, resources and all the support necessary to make early learning activity and play a priority in the home – to prepare the child for a fun and successful first year in school.

The WTK event will be held on Tuesday, May 17th from 4-5pm.


All grade 4 grade students will be visiting Doig River Reserve as part of the district wide Doig Days, which will be held on Thursday, May 26th.


Thanks to everyone that turned out for the Spring Carnival last week, it was a huge success. Big thanks to our support staff for organizing and special thanks to Belinda Ziebart for spearheading the whole thing!!! Parents and kids had a blast!


There will be a student talent show at Duncan Cran on May 27. More info to come.


On Wednesday, May 25th from 2-2:30pm Duncan Cran students will be cleaning up our school community. We will be picking up garbage in conjunction with the city to help keep our community clean.

Happy May!

Brent Ranger                                 Christine Todd,

Principal                                         Vice Principal

April 2016 News Letter

April 6, 2016

Dear Parents/ Guardians:


Just a reminder that spring photos will be on April 22nd.


The Regional Science Fair will be in Dawson Creek this year. The winners of the Duncan Cran Science Fair will be representing our school at the District Fair on April 14th. Congratulations to the following students: Kaitlyn McLean, Alexandria Burton, Faith Purych, Avneet Jainpuri, Noble Grassie, Cayl Samounty, Hayleigh Forrest, Daphne Corpin, Jana Adriano, Sophia DeTorres, and Omar Anwar. Good luck, and have fun!!!!


Our next PAC meeting will be on Tuesday, April 19th, at 7:00pm in the library. Babysitting will be provided!


On April 28th, from 6-8pm, we will be having a Spring Carnival at Duncan Cran. There will be loads of games and prizes. There will also be a bouncy castle, popcorn, cotton candy, and a cake walk.

The games are between 2 to 4 tickets.  Tickets are $0.25 each.

Please Note: We are still looking for some donations of small items to put in our gift baskets as prizes for carnival; those can be dropped off at the office, thanks!

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

All proceeds will be going towards purchasing a new water tank for our community garden. Hope to see everyone there!


 Please come to our HUGE KID’S STUFF SALE!!! There will be clothing, toys, strollers, and anything to do with kids stuff for sale. There will be a concession stand and wicked gift baskets.

  • $25 table fee for vendors.
  • $2 for entry gets a raffle ticket.
  • They choose which basket they want to draw for and can choose to purchase additional tickets.

Some of the donations include: Pomeroy Hotel , Safeway, Today’s Techniques, Nicole Marshall photography. Epicure and more!

So come and check it out

Brent Ranger,                                    Christine Todd,

Principal                                             Vice Principal


March 2016 News Letter

March 14, 2016


Report cards go home on Tuesday, March 15th.


Early dismissal will be on Wednesday and Thursday, March 16 & 17th. Dismissal will be an hour early at 1:44pm. Please contact your teacher for parent/ teacher interviews for either Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.


The next PAC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 at 7:00pm in the Duncan Cran library. As always, babysitting will be provided.


Last day of classes before spring break is Friday, March 18th. First day back after spring break is Monday, April 4th.


Duncan Cran is hosting our spring carnival on Thursday April 28, 2016 from 6:00-8:00pm and we are looking for items for our raffle table.

We are asking each classroom to work together to make a theme basket to be raffled off. If each child could bring 1 item to put in the basket, the class’s accumulation would be huge! On the afternoon of April 22, 2016 we will gather all the items from your child’s classroom and put the baskets together. Since these items will be collected for the raffle table, we are asking for new items only.

The classroom themes are:

Fun in the Sun – Mrs. Oakley & Mrs. Zackodnik

Movie Night – Mrs. Powers & Mrs. Collins

Rainy Day Fun – Ms. Demers & Mrs. Brody

Family Camp Out – Ms. Sorensen & Mrs. Cochrane

Family Night – Mr. North & Mr. Davies

Day In the Park – Mr. English, Mrs. Bradley & Mr. Clements

We are looking forward to some very creative baskets from each of the classrooms and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Happy March!



February Newsletter 2016

February 2nd, 2016


Friday, February 26th and Monday February 29th are Professional Development Days, and there is NO SCHOOL for students on those days.


Duncan Cran school has planned an initiative for Valentine’s Day. Each class will sign one or two boxes of Valentine’s Day cards. We will be delivering them to the hospital and Care Home on February 12th. The cards will be placed on meal trays for the patients and residents. We would also like to have enough cards to give to the hospital and care home staff, chemotherapy patients and Senior Day Care.  If you could please donate a box of new cards to the office we would appreciate it. We are looking for at least 5 more boxes.  Thank you to the people who have donated boxes to us, we appreciate it.


From February 1st – February 5th there will be a scholastic book fair held in the library. It will be open at lunch and after school for a half hour. Students will visit the fair during their library time but feel free to come with your child after school if you prefer.


Please return all Library books each week. We have over 200 overdue from our collection.


Monday, February 8th, is FAMILY DAY and there is NO SCHOOL on that day.


Interim reports go home on Tuesday, February 16th.

Next PAC meeting;

The next PAC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 7:00pm in the Duncan Cran library. As always, babysitting will be provided.


Duncan Cran is hosting our spring carnival on Thursday April 28, 2016 from 6:00-8:00pm and we are looking for items for our raffle table.

We are asking each classroom to work together to make a theme basket to be raffled off. If each child could bring 1 item to put in the basket, the class’s accumulation would be huge! On the afternoon of April 22, 2016 we will gather all the items from your child’s classroom and put the baskets together. Since these items will be collected for the raffle table, we are asking for new items only.

The classroom themes are:

Fun in the Sun – Mrs. Oakley & Mrs. Zackodnik

Movie Night – Mrs. Powers & Mrs. Collins

Rainy Day Fun – Ms. Demers & Mrs. Brody

Family Camp Out – Ms. Sorensen & Mrs. Cochrane

Family Night – Mr. North & Mr. Davies

Day In the Park – Mr. English, Mrs. Bradley & Mr. Clements

We are looking forward to some very creative baskets from each of the classrooms and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Happy February!

Brent Ranger,                                                         Christine Todd,

Principal                                                               Vice Principal